Real Estate : what about the next gen of experts?

There is a change in the real estate market as Gen Z is entering a housing market baby boomers tend to leave. On top of that, interest rates are on the rise while inventories are shrinking.

Of course, luxury real estate market remains a specific one as we already stated in a previous article, but real estate agents face the same circumstances and challenges. For that matter they have to unlock new skills to be « future-ready », such as:

1. Tech-Savvy

Future Agents will need to be highly proficient in technology. They will embrace the use of advanced software, virtual reality, augmented reality, and over all artificial intelligence tools to enhance the real estate transaction process. This includes virtual property tours, online marketing, and data analytics.

2. Adaptability

Real estate markets are dynamic and subject to change, especially in such shaky circumstances. Future Agents will need to be adaptable and responsive to shifts in market conditions, emerging technologies and changing client preferences as new generations of buyers with specific needs replace older ones.

3. Strong Communication Skills

Despite the use of technology, interpersonal skills will remain crucial. Future Agents will excel in communicating with clients, negotiating deals, and building relationships. Effective written and verbal communication will be a hallmark of their success.

4. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Real estate agent will have to harness the power of data analytics to provide clients with insights and trends that help in making informed decisions. Data will be used for pricing, marketing, and investment strategies, and will be extremely relevant in luxury real estate investment around the globe. That means that we, as luxury real estate experts, have to think globally and not only locally.

5. Sustainability and Green Real Estate

With a growing focus on environmental sustainability, Future agents will have knowledge of green building practices, energy efficiency, and sustainable property development. They will be able to advise clients on eco-friendly options and benefits.

6. Global Awareness

As real estate becomes increasingly global, Future Agents will be aware of international markets, regulations, and opportunities. They may assist clients with investments in foreign properties and navigate international real estate transactions.

7. Remote Work and Flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of remote work and online transactions. Future Agents will be comfortable working remotely and conducting virtual meetings with clients, while providing seamless, digital real estate services.

8. Legal and Regulatory Expertise

Real estate regulations and legal requirements can be complex. Future Agents will be well-versed in local, national, and international real estate laws and regulations to protect the interests of their clients.

9. Networking and Social Media Skills

Building and maintaining a strong online presence and using social media effectively for marketing and networking will be essential. Future Agents will leverage platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and others to connect with clients and industry professionals.

10. Diverse and Inclusive Approach 

Future Agents will be sensitive to the diverse needs and preferences of clients as generations evolve.

They will embrace inclusivity and provide equal service to all clients, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.


The next generation of real estate professionals will be tech-savvy, adaptable, and highly skilled in communication and data analysis. They will also have a deep understanding of sustainable practices, legal regulations, and global real estate trends. Embracing technology and staying ahead of industry trends will be critical for success in this dynamic field.

But most of all, they will be able to provide their very demanding client with stunning opportunities such as l’Exotique or Auteuil, as we do!