Le Montaigne: taking you to higher grounds

As one ventures through the Golden Square in Monaco, several iconic buildings stand tall, each a testament to architectural ingenuity and refined aesthetics.

Golden Square Monaco: Where Luxury Meets Elegance

In the heart of Monaco's Golden Square, an exclusive world of luxury residences unfolds. Prestigious addresses redefine the very essence of exclusivity and opulence, offering a living environment that is nothing short of extraordinary. Every facet of these Monaco residences is meticulously crafted, with an unwavering commitment to precision, acute attention to detail, and dedication to top-tier finishes. Le Park Palace, Le Montaigne, Le Mirabeau, and Le Fairmont grace the scene with their modern and sophisticated design, characterized by clean lines and glass facades that elegantly meld with the urban surroundings.

Le Montaigne: Heart of the Golden Square

Situated at 7, Avenue de Grande Bretagne, Le Montaigne is a beautiful residence. It stands a few meters from Casino Square, its luxury boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, and iconic hotels. Close by are the Café de Paris and the Metropole Shopping. The Larvotto beaches are also easily accessible. It is an ideal spot for those who want to be in Monte Carlo's glamorous center.

First Row at the Top Floor

In this high-end area, Stars Real Estate is proud to showcase this spacious one-room apartment located on Bloc B, the top floor of Le Montaigne. The apartment has been designed with utmost attention to detail, creating an elegant and comfortable living space. The room is bright and spacious. It opens onto wide enclosed loggia that enlarge the indoor area, allowing owners to enjoy an exceptional view of the sea, the Casino, and the Monaco Skyline. Its unique position also offers complete privacy.

In Le Montaigne, Monaco's Golden Square becomes more than just a location; it's a lifestyle, a statement of affluence, and an embodiment of the principality's legendary charm. Whether as a home or an investment, residing in this exceptional residence is an opportunity to be immersed in Monaco's glamorous center, where luxury, elegance, and exclusivity converge to create an unparalleled living experience.

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