An Interview with Sandra Hinton - Episode 3

As we were conducting researches for this interview, we identified 6 main trends and even made an article out of it. Being able to discuss these questions with a professional such as Sandra Hinton was a rare opportunity and we were as eager to listen to her insights than we are to share them with you today.


MinimalismMinimalism speaks to simplicity and functionality and I think minimalist design will always be in because it emphasizes the architecture and works woth a strongly curated choice of furniture, lighting and objects. You can never go wrong with that. I will say though, that there is a strong Maximalist movement coming up at the moment. People seem to be braver with their interior choices and want to see more patterns, colors and rich textures.


Sustainability underscores the growing importance of eco-conscious choices. There have been huge developments in how companies produce their goods, looking at their energy usage, their choice of materials and chemicals, their production methods, thinking of the whole cradle to grave lifecycle of their products and more people are shopping vintage again.

Sustainability in interior design and architecture challenges designers to innovate, seeking eco-friendly solutions without compromising aesthetics or functionality. Designing sustainably is a specialty and where I try to make as many environmentally friendly choices as possible, I have much to learn on the subject.

Artisanal craftmanship

CraftmanshipArtisanal craftsmanship brings a touch of uniqueness to designs and this is complemented by the rising interest in vintage and retro aesthetic as well as the fact that customization is becoming more prevalent as clients seek bespoke, one-of-a- kind designs. Blending nostalgia with contemporary elements is very much on the rise.

Biophilic design

Biophilic designBiophilic design acknowledges our innate connection to nature and integrates it into the built environment. By incorporating natural elements, like plants and natural light, biophilic design fosters a sense of well-being and enhances the overall experience of a space. I believe this trend originates from the lockdowns during the pandemic and our innate need to feel that connection with nature. I discovered my green thumb during that time and am all about this trend.

Wellness focusing

 The focus on wellness in interior design is a transformative shift that goes beyond aesthetics. It involves creating spaces that prioritize the physical and mental well- being of the occupants. I also believe this trend originates from the time people spent in lockdowns, wanting to optimize their spaces to not only look good but also nurture the overall health and happiness. From ergonomic furniture to lighting that supports circadian rhythms, wellness-focused design aims to enhance comfort and promote a healthy lifestyle. Mindful material choices, proper ventilation, and spaces that encourage relaxation contribute to a holistic approach. In essence, integrating wellness into interior design is about crafting environments that of those who inhabit them.


These trends, among others, showcase the multifaceted and ever-evolving nature of the design industry and the importance for us designers to keep our finger on the pulse, to never settle and to always stay curious. I think we will see a continuation of these same big themes in 2024. In addition I think we will see more ruffles and trimmings, curtains as doors or room dividersand as cabinet doors. We will see more tiles and the combination of tiles with natural stones, wallpapered ceilings, wood paneled walls the increased focus on creating storage and built-in cabinets, beautiful mud rooms and well designed laundry rooms the stripe trend will continue and we will also see a lot of checker board patterns, wavey and unusually shaped headboards, modernized quaker cabinets, reeded instead of fluted joinery and stainless steel kitchens.

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