An interview with Sandra Hinton - Episode 2

After a first episode, let's meet again with Sandra Hinton. As we keep on exploring her universe through her testimony, we realize how important to listen. Listening to trends, listening to the rumors of the world and most of all, listening to people. This core value of Sandra Hinton's work is a key to understand her success. 

Where are your clients from? 

My clients in Switzerland are mostly expats, I am doing some projects for some clients abroad and they mostly want residential work done. Because I cater to each client individually, I can’t say that there is any clear trend that I can identify in my projects. That said, my clients come to me because they rely on my expertise, experience, technical knowhow, and network of craftspeople to help them transform their interiors and they trust my taste to create beautiful spaces specifically tailored to them.

How do they get to know you?

So far, my clients have either found me through word of mouth or on Instagram

You work worldwide. How does it affect or inspire your work?

Studio Hinton InstagramWorking with an international clientele exposes me to a rich tapestry of cultures, habits, and trends. This exposure serves as a wellspring of inspiration. No two projects are the same, no two clients are the same and I learn from every experience. This multi-cultural dialogue not only broadens my creative palette and builds on my design knowledge, but also enhances the depth and versatility of my work. My international background has instilled in me a sensitivity for cultural nuances. It has made me adaptable and curious about people and their differences. This curiosity has also made me a good listener which is a key skill in creating tailored environments.

What materials are your favorites?

My favorite materials are wood and stone because they are noble, can be worked in so many ways and make beautiful interiors. I definitely have some brands that I prefer over others, but I am not necessarily loyal to any specific one. To me it is about figuring out what my clients like and sourcing the items that will fit them and their lifestyle.

What about people?

The people I am loyal to though are the craftspeople I have made connections with over the years, and I will, whenever possible, bring them into my projects. When it comes to the interior architecture of a project, having partners you trust, who know you and how you design and who have your back throughout the process, is the biggest asset to any project.

How would you define what makes your work special?

What sets my work apart is a meticulous dedication to personalized details and a commitment to creating spaces that authentically reflect the unique essence of each client. By blending aesthetics and functionality with an understanding of cultural nuances, I always strive to craft environments that go beyond trends. Trends are important, but while working with trends, it is essential to make them timeless. 

That gives my interiors longevity and leaves a lasting impact on the individuals who visit and inhabit the spaces. The fusion of international influences and a client-centric approach distinguishes my designs. The hope is always that they stand out in the ever-evolving landscape of interior design.

Thank you Sandra Hinton. 

See you next week for the next episode of this enthralling serie! 

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